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October 4, 2018

There's so much going on in our evolution today - physically, energetically, spiritually, emotionally, you name it - and there's a LOT out there in terms of what's being called the metaphysical shift. Psychic visions and multi-dimensional experiences... "seeing" beyond what's presented in the 3D to the much bigger picture of the Multiverse and a multitude of levels of consciousness... an Awakening of using our non-physical, Divine abilities in ways that have previously been considered "magic." 

It's time to go beyond.

For eons, in the Universal experience of separation and duality, we have forgotten who we are, externalizing our full Self as if it’s something “out there.” Countless ages of seeking, of limited allowance and remembering… and ultimately, forgetting even more. Of using the external for tools as crutches, as we’ve most often forgotten we created and empowered them in the first place.

“Magic” has been something incredible and considered only accessible by a select few, as we have peaked in remembrance, and then crashed to the lessons of the ego – of separation, hierarchy, and exclusion.

Our own, self-planned joke and misunderstanding: That seeking and attaining “magic” and exclusionary power outside of us is the “path to enlightenment”… when in actuality, regardless of how much power and magic we attain, it is still only a fraction of what we already have but have forgotten.

Living the Shift is all about the incarnate experience allowing itself to be consciously integrated with this larger, awakened consciousness that is Us, both individually and collectively. It's playing in the magic of remembering that the 3D is simply that - a playground - and as we remember the much bigger picture: That it's not just us going through an evolutionary shift... but the entire Multiverse created in duality/separation, as well. 

What does this mean? That is the quest... the journey of Remembrance. The experience of discovering and uncovering the messages and clues that I've left myself - and we've left ourselves - opening the doorways to access, both around us and within.

Come and join me, a Voice of Awakened Conciousness, on this colorful, rich, fascinating journey with others of the same adding their colors of Remembrance to fill out this amazing, extraordinary prism of Wholeness... as we get there together! 



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